Sue Ikin

Director of Innovation & Transformation

Sue Ikin is Director of Innovation and Transformation. She is responsible for the working at scale programme and is responsible for working with industry, the NHS and academic partners to support adoption of innovations in primary care, to improve sustainability of practices and the care patients receive.

Sue has 17 years experience in the NHS. She has a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Strategic Leadership. After University she held senior operational management roles in hospitals. She championed service improvements and new innovations to improve patient outcomes, such as the adoption of new technologies in operating theatres, and used lean methodology to improve efficiencies in clinical and support services . She has extensive experience as a NHS commissioner. In 2011 Sue led the HSJ Award winning project “GP Care Homes Scheme” which was a collaboration between GPs, care homes and a local hospital to improve care to patients and reduce hospital episodes. From 2013-2016 she was senior innovation adoption manager at Oxford Academic Health Science Network working with pharma and SMEs to support adoption of evidence based innovations into the NHS, and led a number of projects implementing evidence based innovations at a regional level. The IOFM Phase 1 Benchmarking project she led, shone a light on a number of barriers to clinical adoption and was referenced in the NICE review of Medical Technology Guidance 3. A gestational diabetes m-Health project she supported in project start-up has been recommended for publication in the NHS Digital Tools Library.

Sue’s interests include ways in which working at scale can support cost-constrained general practice to be sustainable for the future of health care and how practices can collaborate with industry, academia and the wider health and care system to adopt new innovations to increase access for patients and improve support for self care.