Monthly Archive December 2017


Elemental Software – Social Prescribing Platform

Howbeck Met with Elemental Software who have created a social prescribing platform that makes it easier for social prescribing projects to monitor, track and support patients from the point of referral. This includes a patient portal, so they can keep track of the activities they are singed up to. We are investigating whether this works with our local preferred service called Alternative Solutions from Pathways CIC

Elemental Software are working with several social prescribing projects across the UK, view a range of their projects.

Their social prescribing platform has a number of features:

  • Health risk analysis: Helping patients to better understand their health risk and track their health risk status using validated monitoring tools.
  • Social Prescription Generator: Referring patients to a range of quality assured community based lifestyle interventions.
  • Attendance Tracker: Facilitates, tracks and measures attendance rates of patients across multiple community based lifestyle intervention providers.
  • Calendar System: Generates bookings with providers integrated with the patient’s personal calendar.
  • Health Impact Measurement: Tracks the patient’s health and wellbeing improvement journey in real time in line with their identified health risks.
  • Enhanced Directory of Services: Enables accredited providers to create and edit a database of venues, programmes and allocate appropriate facilitators.
  • Aggregate Reports: Provides accurate epidemiological information to facilitate greater reporting between Government departments, local authorities, private and community and voluntary organisations to benefit entire communities.

If you would like more information about Elemental Software please get in touch or visit the website.

View further information in relation to the Platform features.


Working at Scale Event

Mike Pyrah, Director of Howbeck Healthcare presented at the General Practice Working at Scale Event held on Thursday 7th December 2017 hosted by North Staffordshire Local Medical Committee and North Staffordshire GP Federation.  The event was well attended by GPs and Practice Managers from across Northern Staffordshire who were keen to hear of the approaches taken in other areas to tackle working at scale, as well as the plans for working at scale across their own Federation following a successful bid to secure funding for this project.  A range of ideas were presented focussing on services, back office functions and quality and the aim now is to work with practices to help them to identify and prioritise what they need and support them to make this a reality.

Working at Scale Event – Agenda
Working at Scale Event – Key Speakers


Howbeck Healthcare Presents at East Staffordshire Primary Care Partnership’s first Annual General Meeting

On the 30th November 2017, Howbeck Healthcare presented to the practices of East Staffordshire Primary Care Partnership on a range of innovative ideas to further support the Partnership in its development as a Federation.  One of its newest Federations, Howbeck Healthcare has provided management expertise to East Staffordshire Primary Care Partnership since April 2017.

Presentations focussed on the implementation of the Primary Care Hubs, soon to be up and running in Uttoxeter and Burton; a local model for working at scale to support practices in sustainability in the future and ideas and projects for East Staffordshire to think about when planning and prioritising their Federation needs for the future.

Presentations from the evening are attached, if you would like further information please contact us.

AGM Presentation
ESPCP Primary Care Access Hub Presentation
ESPCP AGM 17 Working at Scale


Working at Scale

Howbeck Healthcare is currently working with its Federations across East Staffordshire Primary Care Partnership, North Staffordshire GP Federation and South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance on developing its ‘Working at Scale’ project, taking on board views and comments of local practices of what’s important.  The ‘Working at Scale’ project will look at how general practice can collaborate as groups of practices, to manage the demands of a growing and older population, without losing the benefits of small practices.  There are several models for how practices can work together.  We will be working with our Federations over the next few months to look at formal and informal collaborations for back office functions, clinical services, workforce and quality improvement.

We will work to identify opportunities and ways in which working together can tackle workload and recruitment problems for some practices, support others with delivering more care in the community, bring in more income streams to general practice and help sustain general practice for the future.  We are developing options for work that can be done across practices to support practice managers and GPs, in the short term, whilst we continue to work with practices on plans as a Federation for the long term, the main focus being supporting practices with what’s important to them.