About Us

Howbeck Healthcare Ltd

Formed in 2014, Howbeck Healthcare is a management and IT consultancy company. Our main business is helping GPs to create and maintain GP Federations.

Person using tablet and a computer
GP carrying out blood pressure exam
Hand pointing at a flowchart
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Howbeck Healthcare provides management support to a number of GP Federations. Our Federations vary greatly in terms of patient population, practice sizes, geographical deprivation and demography but they all have the same common goal of wanting their practices to work together.

Our experienced and innovative team are highly skilled in consultancy, profit maximisation, strategic planning and governance, bid writing, project management and learning and development.  This enables us to support our Federations to:

  • Bid for new income
  • Transform their businesses to adapt to the changing NHS
  • Work on joint procurement opportunities
  • Help them win service contracts; and
  • Find solutions for them to improve their productivity

We currently provide management support to:

North Staffordshire GP Federation – 76 practices with a patient population of 500,000

South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance – 29 practices with a patient population of 292,600

East Staffordshire Primary Care Partnership – 18 practices with a patient population of 150,000

Mercian GP Network – 11 practices with a patient population of 88,500

We also work with a range of IT companies to provide some of the solutions that our clients want – either in advising them on how to change / adapt their products for our market or by directly commissioning solutions. We have won over £3 million of new income for our existing clients.