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The Physician Associates in Primary Care Conference, supported by Howbeck Healthcare, was a great success…

Physician Associates in Primary Care Conference

On the 13th June 2019, Howbeck Healthcare supported the first Physician Associate in Primary Care Conference at Keele Hall.

We had over 80 delegates attend both locally and nationally, ranging from GPs, Physician Associates, Practice Managers and senior managers from NHS England and HEE.

Pictured from the left: Elita Unyolo, PA; Alex Strivens-Joyce, PA & PA Ambassador; Lucy Minshull, Project Manager – Howbeck Healthcare; Karen Roberts, Guest Speaker, PA & Course Director at St George’s in London; Dr Sharon Turner, Clinical Lead and Dr Elizabeth Cottrell, NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer from Keele University
The conference was very eventful. We were able to share and promote Physician Associates (PAs) playing a new and exciting role in supporting general practice along with having the PAs who have completed our pioneering Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship speaking on how they are supporting and working within general practice. The Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship has supported over 22 PAs on the programme.
We were able to highlight that the majority of PAs who had completed our internship have all been retained and are working full time in general practice. 98% of those delegates in attendance asked for a similar conference next year with further emphasis on presentations / workshops and networking. Watch this space!


“thanks for a great conference – spot on in terms of what I needed to know. Well worth the 4.5 hours in the car!”

“I feel this type of conference should be done again to help support the PA internship – a great afternoon with lots of useful info mentioned”

 “Great to hear both the GP/PA talks describing exactly how the role works in practice and what sort of tasks they do on a daily basis and how the PAs are developed as part of  primary care”


Howbeck Healthcare supports iGPc Network to create a development plan

Howbeck Healthcare were recently commissioned to support the iGPc Network, located in Liverpool, in creating a Development Plan for the Network for 2019 / 2020.  To undertake this, Howbeck Healthcare completed individual practice assessments to determine the individual practices hopes and aspirations for the Network followed by a facilitated iGPC Away Day for key staff to  focus on the determination of the iGPC Network priorities and organisational form to support them in doing this.


Howbeck are supporting North Staffordshire GP Federation with the first Physician Associates in Primary Care Conference on 13th June at Keele Hall, Staffordshire.

We have supported one of our GP Federations in Staffordshire to deliver the first of its kind in the country, the Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship to support the shortage of GPs.  The uniqueness of the internship is it offers PAs to work across both primary and secondary care with a half day teaching session each week.  19 PAs have undertaken the internship, with the majority of PAs completing the internship offered full time positions in primary care.   

The successes to date has been remarkable: RCGP endorsement; HSJ Values Award Finalist 2019; International paper submitted to WONCA (World Organisation for National Colleges and Academies for Global family doctors) for consideration and visits from national leaders and organisations from across the country.

Howbeck are sponsoring the first ever, Physician Associate in Primary Care Conference on the 13th June 2019 – 12.30 pm – 4.45pm at Keele University, in Staffordshire.  Places are limited. To book please download the Physician Associate in Primary Care Conference Poster

Download a copy of the Who are Physician Associates? information booklet.


Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship Programme shortlisted for ‘Primary Care Initiative of the Year’ HSJ award!

We are delighted to announce that the Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship Programme has been shortlisted for ‘Primary Care Initiative of the Year’ for the 2019 HSJ awards.

The Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship Programme is a locally developed internship for Physician Associates (PA) work across primary and secondary care, to determine whether a new model of workforce and skill mix is both sustainable and clinically effective.

This programme was developed to appoint 24 Physician Associates (PAs) offering a 1-year internship working across primary and secondary to offer solutions to the local and national GP workforce issues and to offer the best patient care across Staffordshire.  To date 22 PAs have been recruited over a 15-month timescale.


Howbeck Healthcare Welcomes One Wight Health Ltd as a Client

Howbeck Healthcare are providing One Wight Health Ltd (The Isle of Wight GP Federation) with professional advice and support on its future organisational form and structure to ensure it is robust and resilient to provide services to its population.  Members of the team have also provided expert advice to help secure funding to support the recruitment and retention of GPs on the Isle of Wight, drawing on knowledge and experience of implementing initiatives such as Clinical Pharmacists in Primary Care for other Federations.


Dr Neil Paul writes his last Digital Health column for 2018 on the power of GP Federations

Dr Neil Paul, Director for Howbeck Healthcare and columnist for Digital Health, has written his final 2018 piece for the publication explaining the strengths that can be gained by Practices coming together to form GP Federations.

Within the piece Dr Paul outlines the huge benefits that have come from forming the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance and the services its member practices can benefit from.

You can read the full article on the Digital Health website.


Primary Care Wirral

Howbeck Healthcare has recently been commissioned to support Primary Care Wirral in the submission of their response to the Bid Criteria, based on our experience in assisting GP Federations with completing bids and managing the bid submission process.  Experienced bids writers from within the Howbeck Healthcare Team worked to ensure all aspects of Primary Care Wirral’s experience, existing services and plans for the future service were robustly described and included where pertinent to the bid submission.  The process was very much a co-operative one, with communication between Howbeck Healthcare and Primary Care Wirral being key to being able to advise and provide a tailored, detailed submission response.


SELDOC Doctors Cooperative appoint Howbeck Healthcare as its Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Earlier in the year, Howbeck Healthcare was commissioned to undertake an independent Whistleblowing investigation at SELDOC Doctors Cooperative Out of Hours Provider in South East London.  SELDOC has recently published the full report and subsequent action plan on its website.Subsequently, Howbeck has been commissioned to undertake the role of their Freedom to Speak Up Guardian for a three month period.

You can find further information on our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Service on our website page.


C7 Health Providing Software and Services for the Health Sector

C7 HealthHowbeck Healthcare has recently met with the Chief Executive of C7 Health who provide software and services for the health sector.  Their vision is to support professionals by providing technology solutions to transform the end to end service and patient experience.  More information about C7 Health can be found here