GP Locum Platform

Howbeck Healthcare developed and launched a GP Locum Platform in January 2018,  supporting GP Practices to fill locum sessions.

The platform is used as an online GP Locum Bank to support GP Practices to secure locum sessions to fulfil their needs along with building a supply of high calibre available GP locums.

This platform helps practices to:

  • Retain clinicians on flexible terms
  • Support the sustainability of primary care;
  • Increase the medical workforce numbers in primary care;
  • Attract new workforce to our local health economy
  • Add skill mix, with standardised minimum expertise, within primary care;
  • Act in an enabling role, helping to reduce the primary care healthcare team’s workload.

For more information about this service, please contact us.


The Findmealocum website/app is fast becoming my main way of accessing locum sessions. I find it clear, up-to-date and easy to use. As a result of using the service,  I find that I have a broader circle of practices that I am connected with. It has helped me to stay local to the Staffordshire area without having to look elsewhere for work. I think it has been a really helpful innovation to me as a local independent sessional GP.

– Dr David Weldon MRCSEd MRCGP, Locum Sessional GP